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Return Man 2

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Return Man 2 is an online American football game. In this game, you have to first of all run to the yellow circle inside the field and get the ball. Once you've done so, the next aim is to reach the end zone and make a touchdown without losing possession to your opponents. The game is quite challenging. To start with, it's easy to miss the ball if you don't reach the yellow circle in time to catch it when it's thrown out. In addition to this, the challenge from the opponents is a no joke affair. You have to weave past a set of defenders and a kicker who are determined to stop you from advancing forward. It's a game that will sure get your heart racing as you enjoy it on online.

How to play Return Man 2 game.

The online football game is played before using a special set of keys. These are as follows: "I" key - for running forward, "K" key - for running backwards, "J" key - for running left, "L" key - for running to the right, "Spacing" key - to continue playing, "M" - to mute the game sound.

The gaming process.

Playing Return Man 2 online flash game requires a lot of tact, creativity, and alertness. You have to move in a clever manner in order to avoid the opponents who will be taking on you toe to toe. Creativity will come in handy in certain situations. You can for example become creative and move backwards if defenders have completely blocked you. In terms of alertness, you have to be on the lookout for defenders who will be approaching you from every side. At each level of the game Return Man 2, you'll only have four tries. If you lose possession in all these four tries, you'll have to begin the game afresh. The entire game comprises of 15 stages which are each made up of a given number of levels.

Boosting your performance.

You can boost your performance at the game by unlocking special moves which are available at specific stages. You can for example immensely boost your speed at stage 4 by using the "S" key to unlock Speed Burst special move. In addition to this, you can power up your performance at every stage by clicking on the regular speed booster which you'll see in the middle of the field. This however offers only a slight surge in speed unlike that offered by the "S" button at stage 4. The Return Man 2 football game is altogether fun, challenging, and mind sharpening. Get to play it today and enjoy some thrill.

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